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Born from the ashes of the "Championship Fight Night" series, Absolute Adrenaline is now firmly established as one of the leading promotional brands for full contact combat and martial arts.

Team Bulldog

These are not just "fight nights", they are an experience from start to finish. With big screens, light shows, dancing girls and much more combining with high octane fight action. Natalie Bee


Where many events rely on a "Top of the bill" headline act, each Adrenaline event features any number of match ups that could take top billing and even the undercard is worthy of an event in it's own right.

Spectators have a wide choice of options for viewing an event. From a standing balcony position through to unresered and reserved seating, VIP & Corporate tables, even a Royal Box with chauffeur pick ups. It's an ideal team builder, client schmoozer or group night out!

Top class fighters from all over the world have appeared on Adrenaline, from countries such as Australia, Poland, USA, Brazil, Czech Rep, Germany, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Latvia, Russia, Norway, Finland, Croatia, Ukraine, Hungary & Eire - to name but a few. And all are keen to return.

Johnny Orchard

The Adrenaline management team have built the careers of champion after champion, many from their first contest right through to World champion status which has enabled regular show supporters to follow the career path of their favourite fighters, knowing that they will be able to enjoy watching them many time throughout the year. Jeff Lawson

Champions such as John Orchard, Mo Kargbo, Natalie Bee, Janine Davis, Jenny Prowse, James Cornick, Daniel Winstanley, Jeff Lawson & More have come through the ranks and many now produce the next generation of fighters appearing on the undercard.

The "Next Generation" of undiscovered talent are catered for on the "Absolute Adrenaline - New Blood Series" - a smaller, no frills event that concentrates on novice fighters. This allows the new talent to ease into their chosen ringsports without the daunting thought of over 1000 spectators watching them. The prize for outstanding performances and effort is a spot on the main event shows and the opportunity to move forward with professional training, management and guidence.

Absolute Adrenaline is the brand dedicated to taking combat sports to the next level - and the next - and the next...........




Check out an event - you'll see what we mean!

Rampage Results: Just In Time For Huchen!

scadding_huchin.jpgThe show opener between Dan Huchen (King Tiger) and Rob Scadding (Dorset Kick) was an absolute cracker.

Fought under K1 rules it was Huchen who made the better start, but as the round progressed he caught his shin badly on Scadding’s knee, and was forced to take a count. From there it was an even round as he struggled to recover.

As always in 3 round contests, a count makes all the difference. Usually it makes for a 10-8 round which means even if a fighter dominates the other two rounds the contest will only be a draw without a knockdown or stoppage.

This was the case as Huchen dominated, allowing Scadding back into the fight from time to time but not enough to score effectively. From a spectator point of view it looked exciting as Huchen struggled at times with his injury but rallied back to keep a stranglehold on the contest.

As we moved into the final 30 seconds of the contest we looked as though we were heading for a draw when a Huchen Combination forced referee Howard Hughes to step in and administer a count to Scadding. The final bell rang during the count and the Dorset Kickboxing corner looked gutted, knowing it had cost their man the contest.

A points win for Dan Huchen in an excellent opening contest.


Rampage Results: Jones & Williams Go Again!

williams_jones.jpgThe much anticipated Craig Jones (Team Bulldog) V Paul Williams (NRG) rematch did not disappoint. This time both men were making their Kickboxing debut. With Williams taking their first contest under White Collar Boxing rules, there was no hiding place. Each man knew that this would be a trade off from the first to the final bell.

And so it was. Both men settled nicely into kicking. Jones was the better boxer but did not get it all his own way as Williams met him punch for punch.

Following a close 1st round, Jones stepped up to dominate the 2nd with great clusters of punches followed by kicks. Williams met him in the middle and stayed there but Jones was now on top.

However, he was unable to capitalise on this in the final round as Williams came roaring back to even the contest out.

With the 2nd round clearly to Jones it was all about the 1st and 3rd on the scorecards.

The judges were unable to separate them and the decision was a draw.


Rampage Results: Valvo Defeats Whiting!

whiting_valvo.jpgMarco Valvo (Team Bulldog) had a blistering start in his White Collar bout against crowd favourite Simon Whiting (Dorset Kick).

Valvo looked unusually heavy handed and pulled an early right hand out of nowhere, sending Whiting crashing to the canvas for a count. He made it up at 8 and threw himself back into the fight but it was clear that his head was not yet clear.

In the second round Valvo seemed to coast rather than finish the job and on one scorecard at least, he seemed to give the round away.

The same thing happenned in the 3rd and it needed a concerted effort from the ‘in control’ Valvo to make sure of victory.

You couldn’t help thinking that there was a stoppage victory there if Valvo had pressed the fight once he was on top.

However, victory was still his and he now moves on to December’s event!


Rampage Results: Gosling Looks Good!

lawrence_gosling.jpgJake Gosling (Steve Bendall Boxing) looked good, if a little nervous in his debut bout against James Lawrence (Spartans Gym) under White collar rules.

Both men were of similar age and stature but it was Gosling who was a little stronger across the contest.

The judges found this one difficult to score with the only clear round being the 2nd in Goslings favour. They were split on the 1st and 3rd and you couldn’t have argued with that.

It was Gosling, however that looked as though he wanted it the most and there were no complaints when he was awarded a split decision at the final bell.


Rampage Results: Stubbs Still Unbeaten!

fermanski_stubbs.jpgLee Stubbs (Team Bulldog) moved to 3-0 as he out punched Kamil Fermanski (All or Nothing) under White Collar Boxing rules.

Stubbs found his groove early and was too strong for the Bridgwater fighter, who quickly reverted to a stick and move tactic. This suited Stubbs who simply backed his man up and dropped bombs until he was able to get out of range.

Stubbs looked to have improved his speed greatly and his head movement also, but the most impressive part was his power.

There was a shout for Kerminski in the 3rd round but al in all it was a shut out victory for the Team Bulldog fighter, who remains unbeaten!


Rampage Results: Kneale Too Clever for Smith!

kneale_1.jpegJake Kneale (Team Bulldog) chalked up his second White Collar Boxing win with cleverly fought contest against Ed Smith (Star Kickboxing).

Smith had far more experience and looked comfortable for the first minute or so, But once Kneale closed him down and began to unload, things changed and Smith was on the back foot.

As the contest progressed Kneale to an even bigger stranglehold on the contest with his variety and aggression, and it wasn’t until the final round that Smith woke up and looked for a stoppage.

But this was never going to happen and Kneale came away with his 2nd victory.

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